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Afternoon programs

Winpenny School 2015-2016 offers the following extracurricular activities:

  • Football
  • Orchestra
  • Chess






Our transport service is available for Infant School pupils, and is obligatory for pupils in grades Pre-First and up.

Currently routes are available to the following areas:

  • Interlomas
  • Santa Fe
  • Lomas de Chapultepec
  • Bosques de Las Lomas
  • Tecamachalco
  • Bosque Real
  • Los Encinos
  • Cuajimalpa
  • Vista Hermosa


All pupils are required to wear full school uniform at all times, including gym uniform on gym days. Hair accessories for girls are dark blue.

If a child has any special orthopedic requirements, please contact the School secretary and inform us.

Winpenny School is not responsible for any lost uniform. Please always ensure that garments are labeled with the child’s full name